Upon relocating to the black Hills from Phoenix Arizona, and working with a national floor covering company here, I realized t-d2-0there was a need for quality area rugs to accent the beautiful natural wood and tile floors in homes and businesses throughout this area.

While in Phoenix, I completed professional custom rug training with the recognized leader in the industry. As a master rug crafter, I then began designing rugs in addition to full time floor covering sales. This experience has now evolved into a business on it’s own.

Together let’s create a custom rug using carpet left over from wall to wall installation. Or you might wish to special order carpet from a dealer, and work with me to make it a piece of art where you can say, “I did that!”

Enjoy the magic of seeing a room come alive after a custom rug becomes the room’s focal piece. Each rug is tailor made to your exact specifications. No two are ever exactly the same. A custom rug allows you to have unlimited size, style and design.  Recently I have begun crafting genuine leather into borders and inserts for custom area rugs, creating a unique new look in this field of rug making.

I am happy to work with you and also your designer. Call, and we can get started.t-d2-1

The only limitation to what you can create is your own imagination! And we can work with that!

Black Hills Custom Rugs